• Question: hello!! im very sorry to bother you, but i was just wondering, where you got your black anniversary zelda 3ds? ive spent ages searching for it, im dying to get my hands on one ;____; very sorry to trouble you, thank you very much!! - ganymar
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    Hey there. I got my 3ds at my local game store. It was preowned. I have seen afew pop up since. Ebay is probably the best place to look. :)

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Zelda and Link’s Alternate Ocarina of Time Outfits

More alt costumes for link in hyrule warriors. :)

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WOW, That is fantastic. Much majoras mask love.

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Went for a very brief walk in the thunderstorm earlier. Got drenched in mere seconds but it was blissful. I don’t get why people run to get out of the rain. It’s wonderful to just relax, walk normally and get your shoes full of water. :p today was a nice day, love a good storm. Also less beard now. Sorry.

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Master Post of the best of the great “Show us your dick”-a-thon of 2014.

Here’s the previous one.

holy fucking shit


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Its been one of those days when I just feel like “I really need to play some Zelda”

First look at Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron vis /Film

ULTRON LOOKS AMAZING! Cant wait for this movie. Guardians soon though. 

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Bored in work. Doodle time. Love majoras mask, need to play it again soon.


I should not be allowed them just managed to cut a corner off my middle finger D: OW


I’m 25. In a job that I couldn’t care less about and it feels as if I’m living day to day getting no where. My creativity levels have plummeted I’m not getting anything done that I should be. And I’m staying up much later than I have done for an age just so I can have more hours to myself out of work. :/ ugh grown up life sucks. I need a change. Sharpish.